How to Win $5,000 Tax-Free in the Lottery and with 1,000 to 1 Odds of Winning

Here's How to Win $5,000 Tax-Free in the Lottery and with 1,000 to 1 Odds of Winning!

PLAY the daily game, whatever it might be called it in your state... you know the one; it's the lottery game where they have you select a three digit number, which is between 000 and 999. The odds of selecting the winner are ONLY one in a thousand, because there are only 1,000 possible combinations of the outcome, and the payoff is usually 500 to 1. Which means you will win five hundred dollars for each dollar wagered when your number is drawn!

Furthermore, if you are cashing in a winning ticket for $599 or less, at least here in the USA, they do not ask to see your ID or your social security number, and there are NO income taxes taken out of your winnings! 
Picture this; you can actually buy ten separate lottery tickets for one dollar each, with the SAME number, played "straight," if you are passionate about a certain number, and if it hits, then you will win $500 a piece, multiplied by 10 tickets, which equals $5,000 in CASH!
Your odds of winning five thousand bucks on a scratch-off ticket are something like a half million to one, or something ridiculous like that!

Perhaps you should consider a fun and entertaining booklet to help you select the numbers you will play. Here is a an awesome book to help YOU win...
Jennifer's Grandmother's Luckiest Lottery Picks
which features many good three digit numbers for you to play, for every day of the year, and these numbers can be used in an manner that you choose! It just might help you win some CASH and is certainly worth a try!

We also have many Good Luck Charms & Amulets that really work, and some of them are ideal for gamblers and lottery fans. It never hurts to attempt to increase your luck, and you never know when "fate" or "destiny" might step in and help you!
Good Luck and Many Blessings!

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