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#1: Get plenty of sunshine and Vitamin D. Even if you take nutritional supplements, which you should, you still need some real sunshine! It's also good to get outside and get some fresh air daily.

#2: Get some daily exercise. This can be done in conjunction with getting fresh air and sunshine. You don't need to spend money and join a gym, you can get outside and walk for thirty minutes, every single day, and eventually work that up to an hour. Exercise is so important, and many people miss out on this important factor for a long and healthy life. 

#3: Drink plenty of clean, fresh water. Too many people have problems because they simply do not drink enough water, and some don't drink any water at all. There was once a great book called You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty. The human body needs water, and even though you might drink coffee, tea, juice, milk, and soda, you still need some water!

#4: Eat a plant-based diet. It's sad but 40% of adult Americans don't eat any fruits and vegetables at all, meanwhile these are the very best foods for a person to eat for better health. Your diet should consist mostly of vegetables, and some fruit. I am not saying to become a vegetarian, but the importance of fruits and vegetables is often overlooked. There are thousands of books and websites that talk about healthy eating habits, so do a bit of reading on your own, and learn how to eat more wisely, if you want to stay healthy for a longer life.

#5: Supplement with vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Even though some folks may eat a fairly healthy diet, they still need some vitamins, minerals, and herbs that they're not getting from the foods that they eat. There are many supplements that can help various human conditions. I am not talking about one tablet of synthetic vitamins made by a huge conglomerate and sold at seemingly bargain prices, I am suggesting some really good supplements that can actually help you. There are many sources for these, and you have to find what appeals to you, and what fits into your budget. remember the old adage, "You get what you pay for."

#6: Avoid certain foods that are especially bad. No matter what the clever advertising agencies tell you, fast food restaurants do not offer anything healthy, and you're just being fooled. Avoid fried foods, frozen foods, highly processed foods, lunch meats, bagged chips, most so-called vegetable oils, mayonnaise, margarine (butter is better), sugary sweets and desserts. One of the worst things to drink is soda, and even diet soda can be very bad for you and your health. If you don't believe me, read up on your own about all the evils of non-nutritive sweeteners and chemicals in diet soda!

#7: Get plenty of sleep. We live in an era where people are just too busy with all their activities, work, leisure time, binge TV watching, Internet surfing, et cetera, and most people do not get enough sleep. People even brag about it, "I only got three hours last night" is something you might hear someone say, meanwhile they're announcing to everyone that they are not very good at managing their time and their affairs. Proper sleep is so essential to good health.

#8: Reduce or Eliminate EMF exposure. EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) and RF (Radio Frequencies) are all around us, and they are slowly, subtly harming us. These unseen waves are due to all of our wireless technology and they affect our moods, health, and state of well being. Try to speak on your cellphone with the speakerphone, and eliminate the Wi-Fi in your home by using a wired Ethernet connection instead. It might be a good idea, while we're on the subject, to cut way down on your television and computer usage. The average adult American spends 4 hours and 31 minutes a day looking at a TV screen, and an additional 5 hours and 16 minutes a day looking at a different kind of screen... that's a cumulative 9 hours and 47 minutes a day! Yikes! I also suggest cutting way down on your exposure to the news... it's mostly bad news, and just makes people more nervous and upset!

#9: Try to wean yourself off of drugs from Big Pharma! There are way too many people taking way too many prescription drugs! It seems as though the doctors, hospitals, drug companies, and insurance companies are all in cahoots together, and YOU are their customer! Many of these so-called medications simply mask the problem but do not solve the problem or heal the body. There are many people who have a slowly deteriorating body because of all these drugs and chemicals. Search instead for natural remedies and healing that can be done without the use of dangerous chemicals and drugs!

#10: Try to Relax and De-Stress! Our world moves fast and so many people are busy, busy, busy, and go, go, go, and they are always in a hurry, they are always nervous, stressed, and full of anxiety. Why not slow down, take a deep breath, and do a little yoga, or meditation or praying, or relaxing without television or a computer? People really need to sometimes sit and relax. There are many people today who do not know what that means or what it's like. All this stressing and rushing is not good for your mental or physical health.

So, there you have it... ten great suggestions to have a better, happier,
healthier life. Of course, I am not a doctor, and this is not meant as
medical advice. (Disclaimer) But if you have medical problems, seek
the advice of a healthcare professional.

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