Rather Than Mass Produced Store-Bought Greeting Cards... Do This!

Yes, Indeed, Rather Than Buying Those Mass Produced Store-Bought Greeting Cards... You Really Should Do This!

We have written a wonderful and fun booklet that is featured on our website, and it is called... Love & Friendship Greeting Card Verses You Can Use! and YOU should do yourself a favor and order a copy right away!

You see, when people receive a handmade, homemade greeting card, it means so much more to them, as opposed to those insincere store-bought cards made by big mega-conglomerate companies.

Now, where can you write these awesome verses? Well, if you do not make you own handmade cards, not to worry, because there's an elderly lady in Colorado, who apparently earns extra money by making and selling delightful notecards by mail! Who knows? Maybe she lives on the money she earns! I say "more power to her!"

No website, no email, no telephone, but I sent her a $20 bill in cash for 16 Nature Note Cards and I could not be happier
about the package I just received yesterday!

These pretty and artistic note cards are white card stock, about 4" x 5 1/2" in size,
with envelopes, and on the front, they each have a variety of
dried, pretty flower petals and/or leaves, and they are simply wonderful!

If YOU need some really great notecards, send $20 cash or money order to:
Rose's Note Cards
2002 Otter Pond Circle
Montrose, CO 81401

and tell her that you want 16 Nature Note Cards... you will absolutely love
them and it's Good Karma to help support self-employed entrepreneurs!

The lady does not even know me, and is not our customer, but I felt like telling you all about her! It's Good Karma for me to tell you, and it's Good Karma for YOU to buy some note cards for a measly twenty bucks! So, if you're reading this, please place an order... it just might bring you some enormous Good Luck this weekend and I am certainly in the "good luck business!"

Alternatively, you can request 16 Oil Originals (I have no idea what those look like, but they are probably just as nice) or you can get 8 and 8. That $20 includes the postage, by the way.

Did you know that 14.6 million adult Americans are self-employed entrepreneurs? Maybe YOU would like to become one! If so, aside from the book that we've written and self-published about Greeting Card Verses You Can Use, we also have a Three Book Assortment - Make Money From Home Seen Here! 

Perhaps you should treat yourself to that as well! Hmmm?
Thanks and Many Blessings!

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