An Island To Die For By Mark Ryno - Book Review

Here's an awesome new book from a newer writer in Key West, Florida... this is a fun, whimsical story packed with adventure, mystery, and a taste of Key West!

Anyone who likes to daydream about living in Florida, The Florida Keys, or Key West in particular, will want to read this book, as will anyone who likes a fun and fast-moving mystery/adventure story!

An English college professor might find fault with a bit of the grammar and punctuation, but hey... art is art, and sometimes it's fun to read something that was written from the heart.

Remember the early 19th century French saying: 
l'art pour l'art 
which means
Art for art's sake!

I loved the story, and you will too, as it is a colorful spectrum of many human emotions, and it's the kind of book you don't want to put down, so you just keep on reading!

You can click here to see more details on Amazon, and order the book if you want to read something fun and exciting!

An “unrelenting adventure,” this is the story of Ronnie and Kelly and Captain Jack and Frankie and George and Uncle Joe. It includes murder, mafia, drug running, Key West, Cuba, Chicago, whiskey and cigars and hurricanes. And undying love between a daughter and her Dad.

“Another Key West mystery writer steps onto the island stage,” notes editorial director Hollis George.

The author Mark Ryno has been writing radio commercials and checks for over 22 years. He wrote his first book at 12 years old. It was about WWII. His mother didn't like that he used the words hell and damn so much.

This is mark's second book, (with many more colorful metaphors) a small novel and he's incredibly proud of it. The most interesting thing about this author is he has written two small novels now, on his iPhone using an App.

Born and raised in Upstate New York, Mark has made Key West his home for over 10 years.

It is Good Karma to support new artists, writers, musicians, actors, and such! Just as we always purchase Girl Scout Cookies, and buy things from kids selling on tables in front of their homes, we should always help support new and upcoming stars of the future!

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