I Can Do Anything That I Make Up My Mind To Do!

Hello Darlings!
Here is another great daily affirmation that you can read or recite on a daily basis, and of course, you can change the wording to suit you and your lifestyle:
I can do anything that I make up my mind to do...
I am not defined by things I said or did in the past...
My past does not dictate my future!
What other people might think about me, does not define who I am and what I'm about.

Mistakes that I've made in the past, have been forgiven, and I also have the courage and the strength to forgive myself.

Who I am and what I'm about is not defined by my job,
or a lack of money, or a big nose, tiny boobies, a
raspy voice, my height, my weight... none of that matters!
I am becoming stronger each day.
I am becoming smarter each day.
I am becoming more beautiful each day.
I am improving my life each day.
I am getting one step closer to personal and business success each day.
I am a woman, a goddess, a miracle of nature; powerful, mature, beautiful, intelligent, independent... and I can do anything that I make up my mind to do!
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Make today count!
Many Blessings! 

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